Consultacia - a mobile application for online clinic consultations with developed and tested functionality, which is transferred to you for use and branded in a corporate style

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Consultacia - a mobile application for online clinic consultations with developed and tested functionality, which is transferred to you for use and branded in a corporate style

Start earning on online consultations now!
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Consultacia mobile application - is:
Saving time and money
The doctor and patient save time on waiting and transportation costs, and the clinic reduces the cost of utilities, supplies and support staff by reducing the flow of patients in the hospital.
Communication in the application is carried out through the Twilio platform, multimedia files in it are encrypted with end-to-end encryption (E2E) using WebRTC security protocols. Media files are not stored anywhere, they cannot be written
Doctors and patients will be able to start using the application today, and the clinic does not need to wait a month and spend money on developing an individual application
The mobile application will help to form the image of the clinic as a medical institution that meets modern trends and takes care of its patients anytime and anywhere
User friendly
The place and time for online consultation are chosen by the doctor and the patient independently
Using the application is simple and clear even for those who do not use smartphones 24/7
The mobile application for online consultations, branded in the corporate style of the clinic, is not only a fashion trend and a contribution to the recognizability of the medical institution but, above all, an opportunity to provide and receive medical services safely and conveniently for doctors and patients.
(especially today, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic).

With the help of the mobile application, doctors will be able to remotely consult patients while increasing their earnings and the income at the medical institution.

Patients, in turn, will receive quality medical advice confidentially at their chosen time in any convenient location.

The clinic earns money even when the doctor is not at work!
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Advantages of own mobile application for the clinic:
Additional income
No additional investments. Savings on utility bills, salaries of support staff, etc.
Providing doctors with work
During their vacation, quarantine, self-isolation, etc. (Optional).
Patient loyalty
Regular patients will be able to contact "their" doctor in his absence from the clinic.
Brand promotion
Thanks to the corporate identity of the clinic in which the application is "packaged".
Formation of a positive image of the clinic
The application is convenient and accessible to everyone.
Organization of quarantine work
Distribution of patient flows according to quarantine requirements.
Doctors have the opportunity to:
Earn additianal income
guaranteed to receive a monetary reward for their advice, take extra hours and earn
Work at a time convenient for you
rationally distribute working hours, work on a flexible schedule and set it yourself
Work anywhere
work in a convenient place for a doctor (at home, at sea, etc.), work while on maternity leave
Protect yourself
put secondary consultations online, reducing the risk of contracting viral diseases through contact
To learn a detailed algorithm for working with the application, download our marketing kit.
Why it is convenient for the patient:
The more comfortable the patient is seeing a doctor, the more likely he will come to him again
Saving time and money
Save money and time on the way to the clinic and back. No need to sit in line for hours.
Quick consultation
Opportunity to urgently consult on an exciting issue (if there are free slots for booking).
Consultation anytime anywhere
Choose a convenient time for consultation. Get advice in any convenient place.
Complete confidential
Consultation with another doctor of the same specialization in the same clinic. At the same time the doctor will not know that the patient addressed also to his colleague
How application works:
Doctors and patients in the clinic
will have its own separate mobile application with different functionality.
If the patient has not found a convenient time, his application will have a button "contact the administrator".
The administrator will need to find the right doctor and clarify the schedule of online consultations, perhaps the doctor will be able to add extra time.
Both the administrator and the doctor can coordinate the registration process, who will have access to the admin panel, where information about:
  • clinic doctors: specialization, category and any information that the doctor deems necessary to provide (except personal mobile phone and mail to exclude consultation outside the clinic application),
  • dates and times of availability of specialists.
We already work with:
Medical center Altamedica
The clinic received:
  • personalized application for corporate colors
  • ability to minimize the occurrence of a "crowded corridor"
  • an additional source of income (for many to come to the reception - a barrier to consultation)
  • the interactive format of communication, which means a positive impression on the representatives of Generation Z.
Download the app and find out how it works:
Online clinic Nashi Vrachi
Thanks to our app, Nashi Vrachi doctors can now:
  • work from any place on the planet and help people from any country;
  • provide advice to those patients who are in other cities, countries, or in self-isolation (remote work also ensures no risk of infection);
  • save time on the road and money for travel.
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